The Most Important Time To Stop Going To Your Church

Posted on June 9, 2018


The Most Important Time to Stop Going to Your Church, A Response to The Gospel Coalition

By: Rebecca Davis

Here is an excerpt from the article:

This article acts as if all the reasons for staying away from church are petty. It makes no allowance for spiritually abusive churches, of which there are many, churches that are essentially cults. It makes no allowance for the fact that many people are experiencing genuine traumas that others in their churches are telling them to “get over.” It makes no allowance for the fact that there are churches in which there are predators, and some people have tried to alert the leaders to the predators, but the leaders ignore them and tell them they’re just bitter and unforgiving.

There are many good reasons to quit going to a particular church, but this article acts as if no matter what has happened at your church, you should be there. That is frankly hogwash.

Please click to read the entire article here at the author’s blog, Here’s The Joy.