By: Cindy
We are glad you are here. So, now what?

The question requires some answers, right? Well, let me tell you that man does not have the answers and we here at “Now What” do not wish to imply that we do. Those of us who have been called out of the church deception, have been called into a walk with God where He alone leads us into truth by his Holy Spirit. The very reason you have been “called out” is so you will no longer adhere to the “doctrines of men”, but instead you will get your daily bread from God alone.
So, in answer to the question,”now what?”, we can say the following; now it’s just you and God, as it should be. He will lead you into truth and a walk that will require the loss of much of what you have known in your “Church life”. The wilderness is not an easy place to be, but it’s the only place to be if you desire truth. We hope that you will find “Now What” to be a place where the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is upheld, a place of encouragement, as you see that you are not alone and a perhaps a place where God will confirm for you some of the truth He is speaking to your heart.

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  1. anything we can do to help minister to people leaving the system we are available. Our site has a number of writings, one of them is “Becoming a New Wineskin”
    God bless you Cindy, for getting the word out to those “that have ears to hear”..

  2. first ,i am sometimes lost in regard to computer skills, uncertain how to push the right bottons. second, i have been slightly apprehesive of “internet fellowship”. but today perhaps God is leading me this way because i can relate to what you people are sharing and also ,for me there is really very few other sources of fellowship/interaction with thoses who follow Jesus. finally, i have stuff to share and would like to share it. so i take this step of faith and hope there is someone out there, not just words on a page(which is how it sometimes feels). perhaps this can be a place i can go from time to time .

    touched by Yashua



  3. Micheal J Quinlan

    January 29, 2012

    Hi guys :0)

    well as the UFO people in area 51 say ” WE ARE NOT ALONE” Hahah
    great to meet you all…had some great reading this am..Like David just said “i have been slightly apprehesive of “internet fellowship…same here…glad we have the holyspirit for discerenment and proper spelling :0)
    Any way glad to meet you all…will look though my files and share some of my test!!!

    Freedom in Jesus Mike portland Oregon :0)


  4. Gordon Brownlee

    May 27, 2012

    Hi ,

    I’ve just finished writing a book that deals with getting free of the system. It’s called, “The Shadow of the Spiritual” and I want to make it available to you as a resource.
    Can I send the file your way?

    In Jesus, Gordon Brownlee


    • Cindy Arevalo

      June 6, 2012

      Hi Gordon, I would love to check out your book! The title itself makes it sound enteresting. I do hope you will send it in as Loretta suggested.

  5. Hello, my name is Neal and I left the harlot church 4 years ago. I’ve been to your blog and I agree with what I’ve read so far. I’m contacting you to inform you of a tool the Lord led me to build called the fellowship network. It’s for people who left the harlot church and don’t have a fellowship. This tool can help connect them to other like-minded believers. Just letting everyone I come across know about it. You can find more info at: http://letspleasegod.com – Thanks 🙂


    • Cindy Arevalo

      June 6, 2012

      Hello Neal, Im always amazed at the amount of people I find who were called out at about the same time. Usually 3 or four years ago. I am looking forward to checking out your link and perhaps I can share it on my facebook page also. I have found many who are seeking out fellowship there. Cindy

  6. Gordon Brownlee

    May 31, 2012

    How does one add an article.

  7. hi Gordon, you can send in your article via the comments and we will check it out and consider it for publication. Thank you!

  8. hi Neal! Thanks for inviting us to your fellowship network. I remember seeing you on i think it was Pete’s website which I unfortunately don’t have time to be with all of you in his discussion threads. Thanks for the info and link we will definitely check it out! Thanks! 🙂

  9. Hello folks. First, I am curious where one leaves a general comment about this site. One of your links leads to a blogger who’s articles cannot be commented upon. This author plainly states that God is literally “everything” in one of His posts. Needless to say, this is a heresy of the highest order. I attempted to contact the author about this and some other concerns but no email address was available. If you want the details to specifically where this is found you can email me at the address above.
    I enjoyed much of what I found upon this site. That said, just because someone claims to be opposed to institutions doesn’t mean they have a proper grasp upon the truth. Although I do not mean to bash the author above it’s apparent they minimize scripture and talk often about hearing God’s voice. In addition a favorite word upon their site is “esoteric.” I’m still not sure why that is.
    I hope in the future you only allow links that allow the reader to teach, rebuke, correct or train others as the Holy Spirit might lead them. To allow links with anonymous authors who have free reign to disseminate their thoughts unchallenged is neither wise nor safe. Please investigate this. This is not a secondary peripheral issue but one that addresses the very nature of God Himself. Thanks, Michael

  10. hi Michael, I’ll email you to inquire more, since I’m not sure what site link or author you are referring to. Thank you for writing in and sharing your concern.

  11. Hello 🙂 I have tried several times to sign up for an e-mail subscription and never got the confirmation link in my e-mail. I checked my inbox and my spam and never received it

  12. Am I glad I found this site. I am in the process of leaving the IC. My husband is still in cause he doesn’t like change. He has no problem with my decision, but it would be nice to walk in unity. Any advice? I will be visiting this site frequently.

    • hi Diane, that is a really good question and I would be happy to email you to talk privately more about that situation. I’m so glad you found us here at Called- Out.

  13. What do you do when you’ve been called out of church to live a life that is very different than you’ve ever lived before, and you really WANT to but you can’t ? What do you do when your husband is on the pastoral staff and thinks you have joined some weird cult and demands that you “go to church” with your family ?
    What do you do when no one really understands?
    What do you do when you really can’t leave? 😦

  14. What do you do when you’ve been called out of the church but you really can’t leave ?
    What do you do when your husband is on the pastoral staff of your church and insists that you attend with your family ? What do you do when he thinks you have joined some sort of weird cult ? What do you do when he forbids you to fellowship with your “new friends” (real saints who are willing to disciple you) and asks you to never speak to them again ?
    What do you do when you want to leave but also must be submissive to your husband ?

    • Genet, I am just seeing your comments now, they were hiding in spam and I just discovered them! I’ll send you an email today and we can chat. Sending love! ~ Loretta

  15. Mac Nelson

    October 17, 2014

    Luke 17:20-21, And when He was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, He answered them and said, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”
    One day I realized that Jesus and religion are two opposing forces, and as it is with all opposing forces, they are in conflict one with the other; and that, “Religion is the darkness against which Jesus struggled, and against which he commanded his disciples to strive.” (Leo Tolstoy, My religion (1884)
    Four years ago I stopped going to church, and I stopped listening to the voices emanating from the church; I stopped listening to preachers, gospel radio and television, and I stopped reading material written by anyone in the church religious system. The only material I read was written by Christians who had already broken free of religion.
    When I first abandoned the religious system, organized, maintained, and promoted by the church, I had a feeling of guilt as though I had turned my back on Jesus, but in hindsight I now realize that forsaking religion actually enabled me to draw closer to Him, as many other Christians have also found to be true. As long as I was attending church, and listening to the many voices of the church religious system, the shadow of religion was cast over my heart and mind, which darkened my understanding as to who Jesus truly is, and what His Gospel is truly about; because I have learned over the past four years that the religious system of the church presents a very distorted image of Jesus and His Gospel.
    I have come to realize that abandoning the religious system of the church was the only way to break free from the indoctrination that blinded me from knowing Jesus as He truly is, and knowing the truth of His Gospel. Abandoning religion means forsaking the religious system of the church, but this does not mean abandoning Christ, or abandoning the church, the body of Christ, though it may be percieved as such by some.
    When I became freed of religion it was as though a weight had been lifted from me, and the changes in my life have been only positive, very positive, for only after being freed from religion was I able to fully embrace Christ, and for the first time, the Bible started making sense. Now when I talk with others who are still trapped by religion, I see the bondage they are under, and am saddened when they exalt their church or preacher. I now realize that the religious system that the church employs is counter~productive, and that the cause of Christ would be far better served if there were no churches or preachers, for without them the cause of Christ would be free to flourish.
    For many people reject Christ because they think that if they were to accept Him, they must become part of the religious system of the church, and live up to its duties and obligations. So they reject Christ because they don’t want to,…. dress up and go to church every sunday,….go through the rituals of standing, sitting, and then standing again,….give money for this,….give money for that,…endure long winded sermons,…or be in any way a part of religion. And then there is another group of people who have accepted the religious system of the church, and are active therein, and believe that by doing so they have accepted Christ; and that by fulfilling a set of religious duties and obligations they are being faithful and obedient in service to Him; yet in truth do not know Him. Thereby, untold billions have fallen prey to the deception of religion.
    Therefore, to be part of the religious system of the church, although bearing the name of ‘Christian’, is to be one with the darkness against which Jesus struggled, and against which he commanded his disciples to strive.
    Jesus is Light. Religion is darkness. Christ is Truth and Freedom. Religion is deception and bondage; for religion exalts a man [Saul/Paul], and men [preachers], and looks to them for guidance instead of looking to Christ alone. During the process of braking free from religion I came to realize that Saul/Paul’s confused writings are just more religious leaven, best to be abandoned, and that his words are not the words of God. For Saul/Paul is the essence of religion, and therefore the enemy of Christ.
    Millions of people attend their golden calf each week, where they are led astray through indoctrination by a man in the pulpit as he heaps condemnation to himself; all the while completely unaware that they too are heaping condemnation to themselves. For the religious system of the church is a part of the Babylonian system that God commands us to forsake when He says,….”come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev. 18:4
    All who are bound by religion have simply fashioned to themselves another god.
    “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” ~Jesus

    God Bless, <


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