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Go to Jesus not “Church”

July 4, 2011


VIDEO: Go to Jesus not “Church” by: Michael Moses

Organized Religions

June 18, 2011


VIDEO: Organized Religions are part of the “Establishment”. Come out from amongst them. By: Philip Thomas

How God called me out of Church

June 14, 2011


VIDEO: How God “called me out” of Church By: Cindy Arevalo

Leaving Church to Find God

June 7, 2011


By: Rory Moore A lot of people sit in the pews and ask themselves “WHAT am I doing here?” It was all so wonderful at one time. Finding and falling in love with Jesus, forgiveness of sins, a new life, new and wonderful things to learn, and a sense of God’s presence and joy.  But […]

Kicked Out

June 3, 2011


By: Chris Ardern Membership Revoked! “They shall put you out of the synagogues…” John 16:2 I’m Chris Ardern, I’m 53 years old and I first encountered Jesus when I was in my early 20’s. I was brought up in a religious home but no true conversion. I had a radical Born Again experience truly repenting […]

My Testimony (short version)

May 28, 2011


By: Loretta I was in organized religion for 43 years. After being a religiously devoted but lost practicing Roman Catholic for the first 17 years of my life, Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in 1985 when He called me by His Spirit to follow Him as I read His words in the Gospel of […]