Hitting the Road with God

Posted on April 29, 2012


By: Michael J. Quinlan.

Mike from Portland Oregon…actually Ireland…left Ireland in 85 to follow Jesus…been a wild ride…came to the states in 87…that was an eye opener…been out of church since about 2001 and loving it…I do alot of long distance motorcycle trips…..hope you don’t mind adding a story of my own…….

10 years ago God (Yes God) led me to leave the organized church as we know it and come away with him into the desert. I asked him for 3 confirmations telling no one. We all know everyone has an opinion :0). I received my confirmations and ventured into the unknown with God.

Boy was I judged and called backslider etc by those who supposedly loved me In Jesus name…It was sad and hard at first but exciting a whole new adventure were I was not in control.

Daring to live on the edge were Jesus lives, to boldly go where most Christians long to go, but because we have seen too many examples of our Brothers being shot down, we listen to man and not God…Fear of your neighbor is a terrible thing…but a holy healthy fear of your heavenly father is a powerful way to live.

Over the past 20 years I have only met a hand full of people who were thoroughly passionate about God, the vast majority have a knowledge of him or are more concerned about their status before others or telling other Christians how they should live their lives or building their own kingdoms and bringing converts into the same bondage as themselves.

In short I believe God brought me to this country to teach me how to love the lost sheep of his flock and it has been very hard class to take! Many times I have wanted to quit. But as I slowly progress and gain his understanding of unconditional love I gain understanding of how he feels by the churches rejection of his love.

Over the next 8 years I had more fellowship than I had in all the 14 odd years of churches I attended. Truth be told I was bored to death in church, It was like I was dying inside spiritually and my spirit needed to be fed…the more I cried out to God I felt his heart for a people that had chosen to go their own way. Everything looked right but inside no real life existed.

I knew I was not the only one and I know there are 1000`s more God has called out into the desert to be wooed by HIM: 0)

When you look at it biblically all the people who wanted more of God spent long times alone with Him, being broken, engineered, rebuilt. Their ministries destroyed and his plan being restored in their hearts….Moses…David….Joseph…Paul…to name but a few :0)

God continually sent me Angels and Visions along the way to encourage me…the Following is one instance….It happened in the High desert of Central Oregon on one of many motorcycle trips….

It was early in the morning I was heading north bound on Highway 97 about 60 miles north of Klamath Falls Oregon. The sky was clear and the temp was in the 90`s and I was doing one of my favorite things….I had been gone for 3 days riding my 1985 BMW k100 motorcycle…the worlds rolls Royce of bikes :) I have ridden many bikes before, but in my estimation no other bike comes close…those Germans know what they are doing vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I had just had breakfast at a roadside cafe and now relaxed and well fed I opened up the throttle and sped north through the morning air of vast high desert of good old Oregon…..I was feeling truly alive , gloriously present. This is living I thought to myself…I wish my dad could see me know living my dream in the US of A…

As a child growing up in Ireland, I had always dreamt of riding through the deserts of cowboy land, sleeping under the stars, now I was riding a wonderful piece of engineering, at last playing in my own westerns!! YAY for me :)

Then a thought came to me…pull over and make a memorial…yes just like that…..Ok God! I will, so I looked for a side road, found one, propped the beamer on the stand , walked down a sandy embankment to a clearing in the high desert pines. (Seven years before I had left Church / organized religion to embarked on a journey of self discovery and had come into a deeper more meaningful relationship with my creator).

So I looked around for some rocks to make a memorial but could only find wood. That will do I thought and so I knelt down and placed my right hand on the sand and with my left plied the small clump of wood on top. Ok! God what to you want me to say…. the words just flowed out….I told God that the old Michael Quinlan with all his hurts and fears was dead, gone, the new man was alive, ready to live. So I stood up and felt the most tremendous peace envelop me.

While this was going on my cell phone rang, it was my friend Sonya. Mike where are you…out are in the desert I said….. When are you coming back…don’t know I replied…Hey guess what just happened I said, and filled her in …wow she said , we agreed to meet in a few days for tea and hung up.

I climbed the embankment and feeling like a new man hopped on the beamer and sped north…..wow …that was great I thought reliving the moment, I felt so free….. then it happened! No I did not crash :0)

… All of a sudden I knew I was not alone and could sense something coming up on the left side of the bike , as I looked the most beautiful vision pulled up and rode alongside of me….It was a golden motorcycle, it looked like a cross between an Indian bike / Harley. Riding it was God, his hair and beard were flowing in the wind and a big grin was on his face…

Before I could get a word out…He said…Isn’t this great… (I always knew he was with me …but this was so cool…for a kid that always wanted to go riding with his earthly dad ( it had never happened…) this was the ultimate :0)  Then I had a strong urge to check my right mirror , I saw another bike coming up fast…I recognized the white helmet , the black leathers with red stripes down the arms , the brown bull nose tank of a Kawasaki 750..IT was My DAD..I began to weep uncontrollably (My Dad had died 9yrs ago) he drew up alongside me quickly and Glanced over at me…there was no face in the helmet only his spirit…I felt such unconditional love for him like I had never known before ..The author of many of my troubles in life…I was now loving freely and unshackled from…words can not describe how I truly felt…alive would be an understatement lol..

Through my tears of joy I kept thinking I have to watch the road. That was some moment! All three of us Riding north on highway 97 on the breathtaking ride of our lives…well mine anyway :)

It seemed like it went on forever or that time stood still , then it was over . I wept all the way to the high desert museum just outside of Bend ( managing to keep the bike on the road) had a long rest and reflection on the past couple of hours…a lot more happened on that trip….

I have many stories but This is written to those of you That have dared to live on the edge and Follow the desire of the spirit …hang in there, it’s well worth it :0) and those of you feeling Gods pull on your heart GO FOR IT!!!!! Loose all for the sake of finding your none religious true self in Him :0)

We all have a lot in common…the number one we are all truly seeking true fellowship with our guide, teacher, friend the holyspirit..pleased to meet you mate…have a great week!!!!
Mike :0)