Posted on February 17, 2012


By: Helen

I came to know Jesus when I was 31, coming out of an unchurched background. We chose to go to a little church close to our home where renewal was beginning to happen. Many changes were made within the church but the hierarchy stepped in and sent a man who was religious to try to contain the “outbreak”. Eventually many people left, joining other churches where Holy Spirit was allowed to move more freely. I found after, that when I challenged the leadership in other churches that I joined, on things I saw being done that wasn’t In God’s Word, I was reprimanded. But I know that I heard His voice….there were many confirmations of it afterwards. It has left me sure of one thing, that Jesus is alive and that I choose to follow Him with all my heart and cannot again go back into the “system” that binds. It has cost me over the years as many friends found it difficult to understand why I didn’t just submit and accept the “system”, but it left me without Jesus and His tender presence. Now many of them are asking questions as they are feeling trapped and don’t know why they are so restless.


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